Sunday – The day of rest but not for us slalomists!

The final Slalom race at @are2019 World Championships was a fight. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself in the finish. Over half the field DNF’d and I managed 42nd place. I’m disappointed with my performance but I have to be happy with such a result under such tough conditions and I’m also proud to have put Ireland on the results page. That was by far one of the longest ever slaloms I’ve ever completed.

I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support, kind comments and messages leading up to and during the competition. It has been so motivating to have you all behind me.

And thanks to my loyal fans in the finish ❤️ Éire Abú 🇮🇪 💪 On to the next

Watch your ears :p They gave me a good cheer 🙂

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